Eleven Western Builders, Inc. has flourished during a time of significant fluctuation in the construction marketplace by strategizing our growth to match the needs of our clientele.

We are committed to providing dependable service, expertise you can rely on, and continually out-performing our competitors.  This commitment has helped to establish our company as one of the top providers of construction services for retail clients throughout the Western United States.

WorkingEleven Western Builders is well equipped to handle all of your general contracting needs. We have a diverse group of project teams to properly address the unique complexities of a wide range of construction projects. Eleven Western Builders understands that the potential pit falls and obstacles of a ground up project are very different from those to be aware of during a tenant improvement, building take-over, or remodel.

On and Off Site Work – Eleven Western Builders is experienced in all types of on and off site working including: signalization, underground utilities, grading, concrete, paving, and landscaping. We have a number of team members who are Certified Erosion, Sediment, and Storm Water Inspectors (CESSWI) and Qualified SWPPP Practitioners (QSP). This allows our team to work directly with your civil engineer to handle all the project California Storm Water General Permit requirements.

Ground-Up Construction – Eleven Western Builders is ready to take your project out of the ground and to grand opening, working with your project team to hit every milestone along the way. We will work with your team to ensure that all city requirements are met, utilities connections are coordinated, and your team is able to stock prior to grand opening.

Tenant Improvement – Are you moving into a building that you need to make your own? Eleven Western Builders will work with your team, the landlord, and building officials to make sure that your new building is ready to open on time and budget.

Building Take-Over – Some of the most intricate projects are those where the client needs to make a previous owners building their own. Finding the most cost effective way to create a space that reflects your personal brand and brings a modern touch to an existing building takes coordination between the project architects and construction team. Eleven Western Builders will work with your team to provide value engineering to ensure that your project is achieved at the desired budget.

Remodel Construction – Are you closing your store to remodel or would you prefer to stay open for business while the construction takes place? Eleven Western Builders has successfully completed hundreds of remodels ranging from a scrape and rebuild to a department remodel. We will help layout your schedule to reduce downtime to a minimum, if it is required at all. Our project teams are specially trained to ensure the safety of your customer and to minimize any inconvenience while construction is underway.