Eleven Western Builders, Inc. has flourished during a time of significant fluctuation in the construction marketplace by strategizing our growth to match the needs of our clientele.

We are committed to providing dependable service, expertise you can rely on, and continually out-performing our competitors.  This commitment has helped to establish our company as one of the top providers of construction services for retail clients throughout the Western United States.

WorkingEleven Western Builders is well equipped to handle all of your general contracting needs. We have a diverse group of project teams to properly address the unique complexities of a wide range of construction projects. Eleven Western Builders understands that the potential pit falls and obstacles of a ground up project are very different from those to be aware of during a tenant improvement, building take-over, or remodel.

On and Off Site Work – Eleven Western Builders is experienced in all types of on and off site working including: signalization, underground utilities, grading, concrete, paving, and landscaping. We have a number of team members who are Certified Erosion, Sediment, and Storm Water Inspectors (CESSWI) and Qualified SWPPP Practitioners (QSP). This allows our team to work directly with your civil engineer to handle all the project California Storm Water General Permit requirements.

Ground-Up Construction – Eleven Western Builders is ready to take your project out of the ground and to grand opening, working with your project team to hit every milestone along the way. We will work with your team to ensure that all city requirements are met, utilities connections are coordinated, and your team is able to stock prior to grand opening.

Tenant Improvement – Are you moving into a building that you need to make your own? Eleven Western Builders will work with your team, the landlord, and building officials to make sure that your new building is ready to open on time and budget.

Building Take-Over – Some of the most intricate projects are those where the client needs to make a previous owners building their own. Finding the most cost effective way to create a space that reflects your personal brand and brings a modern touch to an existing building takes coordination between the project architects and construction team. Eleven Western Builders will work with your team to provide value engineering to ensure that your project is achieved at the desired budget.

Remodel Construction – Are you closing your store to remodel or would you prefer to stay open for business while the construction takes place? Eleven Western Builders has successfully completed hundreds of remodels ranging from a scrape and rebuild to a department remodel. We will help layout your schedule to reduce downtime to a minimum, if it is required at all. Our project teams are specially trained to ensure the safety of your customer and to minimize any inconvenience while construction is underway.

Eleven Western Builders offers a variety of project delivery methods to meet the needs of our clientele. A selection of some of our most popular methods are detailed below.

Select Bid – Eleven Western Builders is one of the top select bid retail construction contractors in business today. This status is maintained by providing competitive bids using high quality subcontractors, continually meeting grand opening dates, and managing well-built projects while interfacing with owners, design professionals, and public building agencies throughout the process.

Negotiated Contract with Lump Sum or Guaranteed Maximum Price – Using state of the art estimating tools and current pricing data, Eleven Western Builders is able to generate competitive fees and value engineered designs and budgets. Combined with our streamlined schedules, we are able to provide our clients with front-end substantiated cost proposals.

Design-Build Contract – Eleven Western Builders partners with proven design professionals, engineers, and subcontractors to ensure a synergized team. By implementing our experience and building acumen as team leader, we are able to deliver a designed, engineered, and constructed project below budget, yet still exceeding our client’s expectations.

Design-Assist and Lease Back with Guaranteed Maximum Price – Inflation, timing of state funding, eligibility changes, and other factors often adversely affect public project costs. The Design-Assist method enables Eleven Western Builders to offer schools and other public agencies an agreement to modernize the site by providing constructability reviews, on-going value engineering, budget solutions, and fully engaged Preconstruction Services. This is a no change order delivery method, which guarantees budget adherence.

The initial understanding of scope, schedule, and project values are only part of the preconstruction services Eleven Western Builders offers. Many projects require construction to begin prior to completion of design documents or field condition pricing. Our preconstruction services, billed at cost plus fee, allow for integration of construction into the design phase, where actual conditions and project costs can be clearly and accurately identified before final contract documents are issued for bid.
By acting as an advisor, and representative of the project owner, Eleven Western Builders is able to provide owner management capabilities from the project inception to completion. Eleven Western Builders will provide advice and direction beginning at planning and entitlement and through design. Utilizing our fast track delivery experience, Eleven Western Builders is able to work with design professionals early on to reduce the risk of changes and increased project costs. Once the project is designed we manage the bid process and oversee construction as the functioning general contractor.
The Design-Build process is one of the most beneficial construction methods we have to offer our clients. The process replaces the traditional design-bid-build format, which historically lends itself to unquantified risk and repetitive, costly changes with real world experience and educated risk assessment. The Design-Build joins the architect, engineer, and contractor together as a single team. As a unified group they are able to deliver the most functional and cost effective processes to achieve the fastest project delivery without sacrificing quality and design integrity.
Eleven Western Builders understands the importance of creating construction projects while reducing our impact on the environment. Our project team is fully trained to meet the requirements of CAL Green construction codes and we have multiple members with LEED Credentials. If you are looking to secure a LEED Certification on your next construction project, you can count on Eleven Western Builders to manage all construction related credits and prerequisites.
Gro_Spr_Projects3Retail Services provides unique individual services to our clients, as well as support services to our Construction Division. Originally created to provide value adding benefits to our clientele, Retail Services has developed into an invaluable asset that specializes in projects including full open store remodels, large and small rollout projects, and store conversions. Retail Services can expertly assist our retail clients fulfill their need for fixture services, millwork and décor installation, refrigerated case and cooler box installation, and warehouse services. Our versatile team excels in projects requiring significant finish work and rapid turnaround schedules, often working in occupied spaces or in close proximity to other retail areas and related pedestrian traffic. Our clientele has come to rely on Eleven Western Builders precisely for this highly specialized work.

Open Store and Department Remodels

Our Retail Service team understands that it is essential to complete your construction project without disrupting your customers’ shopping experience. We offer a flexible variety of project scheduling options to best suit our clients’ needs including night work and multiple shifts. Working closely with your construction team, store management, and operations team, we can create a customized schedule for each project in order for daily operations to remain consistent and sales to continue on target.

Rollout Programs

Rollout or Conversion Construction Programs involve remodeling or rebranding all or portions of a store repeated at multiple locations. Eleven Western Builders has managed dozens of rollout projects for major retail clients. Our team will provide pre-launch assistance including defining the scope of work, budgeting, scheduling, material procurement, and staging.  Throughout the construction process you will have a single point of contact to coordinate all facets of the rollout program.

ADA Compliance Upgrades

Eleven Western Builders understands the importance of maintaining compliance with current ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards for our clients. Our team is well versed in the every changing regulations and latest requirements, in order to guide your projects and ensure full compliance.

Fixture Services

Fixturing is fast paced, specialized portion of retail construction that requires an equally skilled team.  From preliminary project surveys, material planning, and procurement through final installation, Eleven Western Builders has the staff to oversee every component.  Services also include installation of interior fixtures, interior signage, and relocation of existing gondolas and gondola formations.

Refrigeration Services

Whether it is a brand new project, or relocation, restoration, or demolition and removal of existing walk-in boxes and cases, Eleven Western Builders’ trained staff manages all aspects of refrigeration services – engineering or installation – for our retail clients. Ask about our turn-key purchasing program.

Maintenance Division

The relationships our team builds do not end when construction finishes.  Eleven Western Builders also offers our clients a full service maintenance division.  Our team provides a single point of contact for all of your maintenance items, without the need for a third party call center.  Our team has the flexibility to work within your current system or create a stand-alone solution to meet your needs.

No job is too small or too large, as our maintenance division is fully supported by the retail service and construction team.  Our team will handle the repair of damage due to everyday wear and tear, storm events, vandalism, car collisions, or any other situation that may arise.

You can feel confident that your project will be completed quickly and efficiently once reported.  Our team will provide photographs of the original damage and the completed project with all invoicing.  We also review work completed with your on-site representative to ensure they are satisfied with our service.  We stock common parts for our clients to reduce down time and cost.

Please contact Walter Thoren, for additional information and to discuss your maintenance needs, at

Examples of Services Offered

  • Bollard installation
  • Bulletin board installation
  • Bumper guard install
  • Cabinet construction and installation
  • Carpet repair and replacement
  • Cart rail repair
  • Case change outs
  • Ceiling grid and tile repair and replacement
  • Door repair and adjustments
  • Drywall repair
  • Glass replacement
  • Gondola assembly and installation
  • Graffiti removal
  • Grease line repair
  • Hand dryer repair
  • Lozier installation
  • Metal wrap install or removal
  • Mirror replacement
  • Painting
  • Pallet racking installation
  • Pipe hanger installation
  • Plumbing repair
  • Reach in cooler repair
  • Restroom partition installation
  • Security gate installation and repair
  • Signage replacement
  • Shelving assembly and installation
Gro_Alb_Projects4Millwork and décor are a large component of any project from a restaurant to retail store, often the most prominent interior visual feature that the public notices.  At Eleven Western Builders, we have brought this critical element in-house.  Operating from our expansive millwork fabrication shop located alongside our corporate office, our highly trained and skilled craftsmen construct the finest casework, laminate, cabinetry, millwork, and décor day after day.  Eleven Western Builders provides design, shop drawings, scheduling, material procurement, fabrication, staging, warehousing, and installation based on your specific interior design needs.  By providing this unique service, we are able to offer enhanced contracting services.  Our team of experts will ensure that your millwork, cabinetry, and décor look spectacular and are seamlessly integrated in the project construction.

Examples of Services Offered

  • ADA Requirements
  • Coordination and Scheduling
  • Furnish and Installation of Doors and Hardware
  • Material Planning and Procurement
  • Millwork Design
  • Preliminary Project Surveys
  • Production and Installation of Cabinetry
  • Production and Installation of Casework
  • Production and Installation of Décor
  • Production and Installation of Laminate
  • Production and Installation of Millwork
  • Production and Installation of Trim Work
  • Project Consulting
  • Shop Drawings
  • Staging and Warehousing of Materials